Teeth Whitening Tips

Teeth Whitening Tips

TIP:   Time Frames for Dental Whitening - The best way to whiten your teeth is gradually. Don’t knock yourself out by wearing your bleaching trays for hours at a time and trying to force your whitening process too quickly. It is better to work the whitening process into your daily or weekly routine (perhaps during your shower or bath) for as long as it takes for you to achieve your desired level of whitening. It took many years to build up the staining on your teeth. It’s perfectly fine to take several weeks to remove the staining. You will not lose any whitening effect by waiting several days between treatments. Some people can see significant whitening results after the first application and others may take several hours of bleaching to see results.

TIP:   Creating your ThermoForm (Boil & Bite) Bleaching Trays - You must customize your bleaching trays in order to achieve the best results from the ThermoForm Teeth Whitening Kit. This is a very simple process of heating the bleaching tray in hot water so that it becomes soft and moldable. We provide an extra bleaching tray in each kit so that you can experiment with this process if needed. To mold your bleaching tray you should bring a pot of water to a near boil and then turn off the stove to let the water begin cooling. While holding the bleaching tray by its specially designed circular holding-tab, submerge the bleaching tray into the water for approximately 5-10 seconds. This will make the bleaching tray soft. After letting it cool just a bit, place the bleaching tray over your teeth (either upper or lower). Now bite down lightly and press the front of the bleaching tray onto the front of your teeth using your fingers. Use your your tongue to press the rear of the bleaching tray to your pallet. If the bleaching tray seems to big for you, simply put it back into the hot water and it will shrink to fit any sized mouth. Repeat these steps for both upper and lower teeth. When the bleaching tray has cooled, test the fit and repeat the above process if you need to adjust the shape of the bleaching tray. When the molding process is completed, cut the circular holding-tabs off of the bleaching tray so that you can close your mouth completely when the bleaching tray are in your mouth.

TIP:  Filling the Bleaching Tray with Whitening Gel - When you put the whitening gel into your bleaching trays, the best way to do it is to put a thin layer of gel around the bottom, inside front of the bleaching tray (the part that contacts the front of your teeth). When you place the bleaching tray over your teeth the whitening gel will distribute itself such that it comes in contact with the surface of your teeth. It may take you a few applications to determine the right amount of gel to use in each bleaching tray. It only takes a very thin layer of gel on the surface of your teeth to be effective.

TIP:  A Time and Place for Dental Whitening - A great place to whiten your teeth is in the shower or bath. Simply keep your Teeth Whitening System in the shower and use it as a routine part of your morning or evening hygiene. The shower is a great place to use your dental bleaching system because you can easily discard any extra whitening gel that squeezes out of your bleaching trays into your mouth without running over to your sink. Also, you are busy doing your other shower activities so you really don’t even notice the bleaching tray in your mouth. When you are done with your shower, you can remove your trays and leave them in the shower or you can continue to wear them for a few more minutes outside the shower (all overflow gel will already be out of your mouth).

TIP:  Upper Teeth vs. Lower Teeth - You don’t need to whiten your upper teeth and lower teeth at the same time, although you can if your wish. It will be easier for your to manage the whitening process for one set of teeth at a time. As well, this is an excellent way to show the efficacy of your dental bleaching system. Try whitening your your upper teeth for 7-14 sessions and notice the color difference between your upper teeth and lower teeth. Upon reaching your desired level of whitening for your upper teeth, it will be time for your to do the same to your lower teeth.

TIP:  Length of Time for Each Dental Whitening Session - The teeth whitening gel will be effective for 4-5 hours. We recommend you begin your dental bleaching system for 15-30 minutes per session. You may then build your bleaching time up to overnight use as you become accustomed to the bleaching process. Keep in mind that the bleaching process is a cumulative effect. You will need cumulative whitening time of approximately 10 - 30 hours to complete your whitening project. After you determine the level of sensitivity to the bleaching gel, you may whiten your teeth for as long or as short of a time as you like for each sessions.

TIP:  Gum or Tooth Sensitivities - If your teeth or gums are exceptionally sensitive to dental whitening gel, do not be alarmed. This is a normal reaction that means the dental bleaching formula is working. Any sensitivities will most likely diminish as you continue to use your whitening gel. Our bleaching gel contains no desensitizing agents so that you can detect any sensitivity reactions if existent. If you do detect sensitivities to the whitening process, you can do a couple of things. First, simply reduce the amount of time of your dental whitening session (perhaps to 10-15 minutes). Shorter duration of whitening sessions over a longer period of time will work just fine. Secondly, try using a smaller amount of whitening gel inside your mouthpiece. The trick is to use enough gel to cover your teeth with a thin layer of gel without squeezing it out into your mouth. This should help any sensitivity reactions to the whitening process.

TIP:  Excessive Salivation (Watering of the Mouth) - Some people experience excessive salivation when using a dental whitening system. This is a normal reaction that will gradually disappear as your mouth becomes accustomed to the whitening process. The best thing to do for this reaction is to conduct your dental whitening in a place (like the shower) where you can discard the saliva accumulating in your mouth.

TIP:  Swallowing the Dental Whitening Gel - Every time you use your dental bleaching system you will inevitably swallow a small amount of whitening gel. This is normal and there are no hazards for people who swallow small amounts of gel. If you (or especially a child) swallows more whitening gel than used for one dental whitening treatment (up to 1ml), you may or may not experience any side-effects, but it would be wise to contact a medical professional or Center for Poison Control to be on the safe side. Please keep the whitening gel out of reach of children.

TIP:  Brushing Your Teeth - It is advantageous to brush your teeth in conjunction with using the dental bleaching system. It is good to brush your teeth immediately before each application to remove any large food particles from your teeth so that the whitening gel can contact the hardened staining material on your teeth instead of the softer food particles that may adhere to your teeth on a daily basis.

TIP:  Flossing Your Teeth - It helps the whitening process to floss your teeth regularly, but do not floss your teeth immediately before each application. Flossing may sometimes irritate the area of gums between your teeth. For sensitive individuals, it is usually not a good idea to apply the whitening gel to an area that has just been irritated by flossing. Do your flossing on a regular basis, but not immediately before using your dental bleaching system.


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